Geotechnical Engineering

We specialize in geo sciences providing geotechnical engineering services to owners, utility authorities, municipalities, contractors, architects and engineers.

Underground Engineering

We have expertise in underground engineering, including temporary works design, cut and cover design,  trenchless design and tunnel rehabilitation.

  • Subsurface investigation programs
  • Geotechnical Data Reports
  • Geotechnical Baseline Reports
  • Geotechnical tunnel route feasibility assessment
  • Ground modifications
  •  Stabilizing of slopes 
  • Retaining walls & earth reinforcement systems design
  • Shallow and deep foundations design

  • Underground structure evaluation such as tunnels, pipelines, shafts, caverns, chambers, pits etc.
  • Trenchless excavation method selection: Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), Microtunnel,  Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Sequential Excavation Method (SEM) 
  • Tunnel and shaft stability analysis
  • Underground structure excavation support systems design 
  • Underground watertight  systems design 
  • Underground structures final lining design 
  • Tunnel final linings design including concrete, shotcrete, steel and segmental  linings
  • Cofferdams and bulkheads design
  • Underground structure seismic evaluation
  • Open cut excavation support design
  • Computer modeling of soil-structure interaction
  • Underground structures and shaft inspections
  • Highway, transit and utility tunnels condition surveys 
  • Tunnel and shaft lining rehabilitation design
  • Tunnel alignment and geometry drawings preparation
  • Waterproofing systems design for underground structures